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Message from Managing Director

Founded in 1948 in Barisal, the Venice of Bengal, by the great philanthropist Amrita Lal Dey, the organization flourished from a tiny personal initiative to its present day grand status and reputation due to the honesty, sincerity, integrity and devotion of the founder. Now it stands as one of the famous enterprises of the country employing a large work force and drawing much of good will from the common masses while contributing a lot to the economic development of the land.

In 1988 Amrita Oil & Food Products set sail as a sister concern and began its journey along the path of food items production which received well responses from the customers. Production of international standard and quality food products like powdered spices, mixed spices, noodles, vermicelli, snacks etc. saw the light of the day with particularity in terms of taste, flavor and texture. Side by side with expanding local market the company is looking for space in the foreign market which would enable earning of hard foreign currency that might contribute to the advancement of the national economy and also enhance employment opportunities.

The ultimate goals of our company:

  • Continue the production and marketing of hygienic and quality food at minimum price.
  • Finding out the needs of consumers' and provide them with the products the aspire after.
  • Explore new segments of internal market and place products in the international market.
  • Maintaining the good will of the company by serving intrinsic quality of hygienic food products with authentic taste.
  • Carrying on efforts to expand market globally and set up distribution network so as to make products available at doorsteps of customers.

Best Regards,

(Bhanu Lal Dey)
Managing Director
Amrita Consumer Food Products Ltd.

About Us

Time changes continually and with it changes Man. Man̢۪s changes are reflected among others in his food habits, and consequently, changes are there in the list of dishes. Let alone gratification of the tongue, taking unadulterated food is a must to maintain hygiene and a better life. And hence, changes have made their way into the art of production of food which prompted food producing organisations to combine brilliance, diversity, excellence, quality, purity, taste as well moral obligations in the field.

In the long stream of that change Amrita Consumer Food Products Ltd. has set its foot as a food producing entity. Fixing ‘Work is Virtue’ as our motto we have been running our productive activities with honesty and utmost sincerity. To make just profit is not our ultimate aim. Our concern is to bring the maximum of satisfaction to and receive the greatest of acceptance from the consumers while adding as much as possible to the productive scenario of the country.

Due to strict compliance with standards and use of safest raw materials each of our products has been earning and enjoying the deepest confidence of the consumers. It is our hope and firm conviction that in respect of taste, excellence and standard the well-timed as well as hygienic products of Amrita Consumer Food Products Ltd. shall once gain the unique status representing and disseminating he everlasting choices of Bangalees the world over.

We believe, each and every effort along the path of goodness with appropriate efficiency ultimately succeeds. Greetings on behalf of Amrita Consumer Food Products Ltd. on our production oriented way forward!

Our Products


Chilli Powder

Coriander Powder



Cumin (Zeera) Powder

Chatpati Masala

Mixture (spice)



Fried Chickpeas

Dal Bhaja

Fried Peas


Olive Chutney

Super Tamarind Chutney

Mixed Fruit Chutney

Tamarind Chutney

Plum Chutney

Instant Drinks


Mango Drink

Amrita Tasty Oral Saline

Orange Drink

In addition, we also provide other products such as:

  • Oil
    • Sunflower Oil
    • Mustard Oil

  • Semai/Noodles
    • Vermicelli/Semai
    • Egg Noodles

  • Rice
    • Chinigura Chal

  • Flour
    • Bhuttar Ata (Maize Flour)

  • Fruit Jelly & Candy
    • Lychee
    • Mango Bar.